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People ask us who is our perfect client and why?

We often respond with the question of who would be the perfect financial advisor for them and why?

The answer, we believe, is the result of combining both questions. Working “together” towards client goals and addressing concerns at a personal level is a collaborative process.  It is very personal and unique to each individual and requires a strong foundation of trust that is built upon over time. 

Our clients look to us as professionals to provide financial advice and options for dealing with what we refer to as life’s transitions and the "unknowns" for them and often, their multi-generational families.

We collaboratively plan and implement strategies to address current or future concerns which (in our experience) has included retiring, selling a business, job transition, sending children to college, loss of a partner or spouse, planning retirement, purchasing a home, moving, and many other concerns on the list of life’s transition challenges each  uniquely different to each individual.

As independent financial advisors, partners in our business, and in life, we bring a dual perspective to our clients. Foremost, we listen first!