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Protecting our pets

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Protecting our Pets

There he was, 12 weeks old, a very happy puppy who loved to play, chew whatever he could and worked his way deep into our hearts. We named him Toby Joe. Toby after his father's name and Joe after my (Sherry's middle name). A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier full of spunk with endless energy that brought so much happiness and joy to us, our family and all who knew him. 

Sadly, we learned pets are often not thought of when it comes to determining what our wishes are when we are no longer able to make those kinds of decisions due to our own health or death. We learned from a former Animal Control Officer who arrived at accident scenes or homes to learn that a pet survived while its human parents did not. Pets were placed in animal shelters to protect them, determine who to reach out to in the family and most importantly, who would take care of the pet?  

A lot of pets were "orphaned" and fostered out or found new parents, but many times (maybe because they were older, had injuries or were not adopted) the once beloved pet had to be euthanized. 

So, how do we recommend we protect our pet families from having to go through this?  Plan ahead just as you would for other valuables and property we own. Pets should be covered in your will and trusts. They can even receive funds for their care from these legal documents. These plans create conversations with family and friends that help us to know what's best for your pets before anything happens. The same peace of mind knowing our children are planned for in the event of our death.  

We recommend talking to your family and friends with your attorney about planning ahead for your pets. 

Toby didn't feel well and after an ultra sound; the doctor said he had tumors bleeding around his spleen and it was most likely cancer and if operated on, would then require many treatments and it may only extend his life for months. We could not put him through that knowing how much his quality of life would be impacted. We loved him too much to do that. 

Toby Joe was with us for 7 fun years bringing much happiness and joy to our lives. We have cried a lot and have many happy memories and lots of photos!  

So, while we have had this great loss, we have decided to find another Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and with Covid it has not been easy. Finally, a puppy was born in Texas who will be in our home soon. We are going to drive there to pick up our puppy! Just as Toby Joe was, our new guy will also be in our trust. 

We promise to share photos as we travel and bring him home with us as well as his life's journey with us! 

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