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We entered the financial business world after years in the corporate business structure where we held high level positions of responsibility.  

Both of us felt compelled to do something different and looked at various options.  We both agreed we wanted to do something that would be rewarding and allow us to be of service to others while allowing us flexibility and the ability to be our "own boss."  We decided to be a husband and wife team in the financial world which is unique and fun for us as a couple and gives us a different perspective when meeting with our clients.  This also creates more objectivity and discussion.

After obtaining the professional licensing required in 2006 we joined Waddell and Reed as Financial Advisors.  

In November 2012 we made the decision to become independent advisors and along with our fellow partners, created a company called Fusion Point Financial.  Fusion Point was appointed with the Broker Dealer, Girard Securities.  Upon the retirement of one partner and decision by the other partner to focus on his tax practice, the owner and founder, of Newcastle Financial Advisors, Timothy G Redmond, offered us the opportunity to join Newcastle Financial Advisors in February 2012 remaining with Girard Securities.  

Newcastle Financial Advisors is headquartered in Fullerton, California. It was a busy time for us as we became a Branch office of Newcastle Financial Advisors.  We also purchased a practice from a retiring advisor with the major portion of her clients located on Puget Sound area in Washington State.  We enjoy traveling to meet with clients in this area and other states. 

In November of 2017, Girard Securities became a region with Cetera Advisor Networks as our new broker-dealer.   And, most recently, August 2020, we transitioned to a new Broker Dealer, SagePoint Financial who partners with The Advisors Group and also became part of The Ameriflex Group, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) for which we will utilize their outstanding resources to enhance our financial planning.  This recent change will enable us to deepen our technologies and back-office operations support.  

We are a fee for service business meaning we are fiduciaries who have an obligation and duty to hold your best interests above all.